Örsan Tekstil



1979 - Started as a small workshop in Istanbul.
1983 - Moved to a bigger production space, around 400m2.

1987 - Started exporting garments through its own company.

1993 - Moved to its 7000 m2 Kadıköy factory. The factory had 425 machines & 650 employees and exported all its production.

1997 - Örsan Sinop factory was established. 17.000m2 of building on 87.000m2 land can employ up to 1200 people. A factory store also commenced operation.

2000 - Factory store in Kadıköy was established.

2005 - Samandıra-Istanbul factory equipped with the latest technology machinery, was built on land that was previously acquired.

2007 - Started manufacturing ladies & mens jackets.